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Audio Conferencing = Live Teleconferencing Services +  "Virtual Town Hall Meeting"

In follow-up to our past communication, I am sending this basic information and preliminary pricing on our Teleconferencing Services for your consideration as an additional tool to use in your communications arsenal.


This is an example of but one of our many types of call services.


This is a cutting edge program that allows you to totally manage and control all aspects of a live telephone conference program, at very reasonable cost.


It is a comprehensive, very easy to learn and use, operator-friendly web accessed system.


Why Audio conferencing?


This is a state-of-the-art communications tool allowing for comprehensive proactive delivery and  response solutions for business, government, non-profit and political groups worldwide.


Here are just a few advantages of Tele-Forum solutions:




1. Participant Monitoring/Control. Tele-Forum allows


the user to view, codify, and monitor callers to help clients


better prepare for and manage their teleconference meetings.




2. Private Screening. Tele-Forum has the exclusive capability


for the facilitator to conduct a private conversation with a


participant to screen their question, allowing the speaker


to view the queued participant’s name and question before


selecting them to participate.




3. Live Q&A. Constituents can participate in a live group


discussion with the Host (presenter, elected official, candidate,


etc.) with a simple push of a button. Employees can ask


questions about a new product launch, disseminating


information company-wide from one delivery point.




4. Digital Recording. Shortly after the conference is


completed, Tele-Forum sends to the user a condensed


MP3 wave file of the entire session. The user can quickly


pull sound bytes or other summary information from the


file and instantly post it on the web, send as a mass email


communication, or release it to the media.




5. Real-time Reporting. Because Tele-Forum operates on


a web-based platform, we can deliver clients the detailed


information they need, when they need it. Imagine being


able to send out a personalized post-conference follow-up


based on actual participation!




6. Technical Assistance. Our highly qualified and well trained


customer service representatives are there to assist the host


group all the way.




7. Real-Time Polling. Host can pose questions to all the


listeners and have them respond by touching the


appropriate touch tone key pad on their phone.






See additional details in the two Word attachments.




Launch your next town hall or business meeting into the 21st century!




Put the power of Tele-Forum to work for your organization.






To get started:




A. There are no programs or equipment to buy.




B. No special software is required to buy or download – you just


          need high-speed web access and a password.




C. And it is very easy to learn and use.




D. We will train as many people as you like as many times


          as is necessary at no cost.




E. We will also have customer service representatives working


          along-side your group for the entire process.




All you need to do is fill out an application – service agreement.




A test or demonstration utilizing your criteria can be


arranged at your convenience.




The first attached Word document starts with a summary


of the system features, including preliminary pricing and


then, for the more technically inclined, there is another


Word document with system operating details.




Our published price lists are guides, generally used for


estimating upcoming projects and basically reflect prices


for smaller standard jobs. Your final call job pricing will


be based on the actual details of your project.




This is an example of one of our many specialty phone services. A Fully Secure Web Based Live Mass-Teleconferencing System. Perhaps you may find it - by adding your own variations, a useful tool to add to your arsenal.


Conduct a conference call with up to a thousand employees, customers, prospects, constituents, etc., in attendance, with full control of the process and participation.

Everybody can hear equally well, and can opt-in anytime to request to participate in the mass-discussion or can be moved to sub-conferences.
The Host and other participants can be located just about anywhere! Imagine conducting a virtual town hall meeting with three-thousand people from your office, hotel room, etc. Anywhere with web access! Tie it in with a live radio or TV broadcast!
Now more than ever, businesses and campaigns are turning to Tele-Forum to deliver specific, time-sensitive information to their audiences, and engage in productive, real-time exchanges - capturing their views and responses.

Getting a disparate list of people together for a meeting can be challenging—and expensive. Imagine getting all your interested parties together on one phone line, where they can all hear the same message and participate in an interactive meeting, and brainstorm or learn of new directions; that’s the difference with Tele-Forum.

Tele-Forum is also the perfect follow-up companion to direct-mail fund-raising, and even allows participants to donate on the spot.

Using secure web-based technology, Tele-Forum helps campaigns reach their constituents; allows businesses to connect with their shareholders; and lets corporations meet with their national sales teams.

All with a totally integrated customized automated message invitation and live on-demand teleconferencing, and reporting system.

Many of our clients use Tele-Forum to conduct:

  • Virtual town hall meetings
  • Live, interactive Q&A sessions
  • Multi-site employee work sessions
  • Investor relations meetings

How Does Tele-Forum Work?

Tele-Forum’s unique, data-gathering web based system sends a customized invitation to a target audience, and allows interested parties to instantly transfer to the live tele-conference that is in-session. The system records the entire meeting and produces detailed reports.

A typical Tele-Forum conference flow:

NOTE: Prior to the phone call invitations going out, some form of notice would be sent to prospective participants by the Host Group - say by email, direct mail, etc.

  • At the time of the conference the Host Group sends out a specific, customized message notifying the prospective participants that the teleconference is in-progress.
  • Invited participants opt-in to the on-going presentation of the Host.
  • Audience members then choose to actively participate in the discussion with the touch of their phone keypad.
  • The host can then field the call and everybody on the line will be able to listen in.
  • Alternately, one of the host’s assistants can pre-screen the call, assign a priority or other code to the caller’s screen ID, and even enter text on the screen explaining the callers question or other notes of interest.
  • Sub-groups can readily be formed to take on different subjects and handle them with side-conversations and even conduct transactions.
  • The Host Group retains complete control of every participant, even during the live Q&A.
  • The Host Group can see a real-time view into conference activity.
  • You can even email a web link so that people can listen to a streaming version.
  •  A complete summary report, and a recording of the entire event, is provided to the Host Group at the conclusion of the conference.

Typical Program Costs are as follows:

This is an integrated database program so the outbound auto dial calls with patch-through services and the conference call services cannot be separated.

Set up charge = $250 and includes the following: 

• Participant monitoring and screening via software interface
• Digitally recorded file of conference transcripts for streaming or download
• Detailed reporting and statistics
• General technical assistance and message creation support
• Live, secure login for toll-free recording line

Ancillary Services Available:

• Message Editing
• List Procurement
• Phone Matching
• Voice Talent 

Call Pricing – For the Introductory Outbound Automated Message

Description/Duration  Per Connect Price (In Cents)

30 second or less message $.05
31 – 45 second messages   $.065
46 – 60 second messages   $.08
61 – 90 second messages   $.095

Call Pricing – Live Teleconferencing Bridge

17 cents to 20 cents per minute per participant



●  Prices are for calls to the lower-48 states.
●  $500 charge for calls that are cancelled without a 48 hour notice.
●  Special pricing will be considered for projects that are unique in scope or volume. 
●  Tele-Forum reserves the right to change pricing plans without advanced notice.
●  All final pricing is dependant upon the scope of the project – amount of data collected, tiered options, subject matter, etc; A price range has been provided for your estimates.

For more information please contact us at:

Marketing & Communications Services
Office: 1 (866) 751-8188 (Pacific Time Zone)
Fax: 1 (877) 880-9143 (Toll Free)
General Info Web Site: http://www.mcsphones.com
AutoCall Web Site: http://www.mcs.gc1.com

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