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Live Operator Call Service Price List

Live Call Services:

·       Live, bi-lingual, outbound, GOTV & straight messaging, persuasion, advocacy, data acquisition, patch-through and live introduction to auto dial calls.

·       Live, bi-lingual, inbound, GOTV & straight messaging, persuasion, advocacy, data acquisition, patch-through calls, also available with temporary 800 numbers.

·       Neutral & Regional USA English Dialects are readily available, plus, Hispanic, Asia-Pacific, European & Other Languages.


Typical Project Costs are as follows:

Project Description                               CPH            Price per Complete

ID- Household                        1Q               57                $0.42
                                             2Q               51                $0.47
                                             3Q               47                $0.51
                                             4Q               43                $0.56
                                             5Q               39                $0.62
                                             6Q               35                $0.69
                                             7Q               31                $0.77
                                             8Q               27                $0.80

ID- Name on Screen               1Q               45                $0.53
                                             2Q               40                $0.60
                                             3Q               37                $0.65
                                             4Q               33                $0.73

Advocacy- Straight Line          1Q               55                $0.44

Advocacy with questions         1Q               52                $0.40
                                             2Q               48                $0.45
                                             3Q               44                $0.50
                                             4Q               40                $0.55

GOTV - straight line                                    80                $0.27

GOTV - with wave file                                 90                $0.24

Drop Call                                                                       $0.03   

Call Notes:


·       Set-up Fee: $50 – $750 (Includes programming, recordings, and database/report set-up).

·       A detailed report is emailed to you the next day.

·       Minimum billing: $500.00.

·       Alternate Live Agent Hourly Billing: $18.00 – $30.00 per hour for outbound calling time, including patch through and recording time. Rate depends mostly on the script read and other project details.

·       The above standard prices and costs are subject to change without notice.

·       Costs for bi-lingual and foreign language call jobs may be slightly higher, depending on the project.

·       For email address capture add approximately 8 cents.

·       For Voter-ID projects, a Successful Connect is any response to at least 1 question.

·       In all other projects a Successful Connect with be as defined in the Service Agreement.

·       Each project will be defined using a Service Agreement that identifies the message and the dial universe.

·       A Drop Call is a call that answered but did not meet the Successful Connect criteria for the project.

·       Persuasion pricing based on leaving a message on the answering machine when reached, or live with a live answer.

·       Assumes both negative and positive response contacts are being billed (refusals and completed surveys, ID and GOTV).

·       Pricing will change for just delivered/complete calls without refusals billable.

·       All political call projects must be pre-paid prior to launch.

·       Terms will be Net on Receipt of Invoice

·       A test or demonstration can easily be arranged at your earliest convenience.

·       Optional Services are priced separately.

1.    Patch-through or record a response.

2.    Deliver an automated prerecorded message to answering devices on say the second pass through the list.

3.    Conversion databases – say the Area Code or Zip Code to an Individual for patch-through calls. 

·       A 30-second Data Collection/Voter ID call will garner about three questions and each additional question will add about another 10-seconds. However, much depends on the read of the script.


Language Notes:

·       Neutral & Regional USA English Dialects Available, as well as Hispanic, Asia-Pacific, European & Other Languages. Bi-lingual agents available in most languages.

·       We can set-up the call procedure to open the conversation in English or the required foreign language, using bi-lingual interviewers, or, on request, switching from an English-speaking interviewer to a foreign language interviewer, or vice-versa.

·       We provide interviewers with Neutral or Regional USA English Dialects, or Hispanic in a day or so. Asia-Pacific, European, and many other languages are available in from one to four weeks.

·       Here is a listing of some of the languages that our call centers have done in the recent past and approximately how long it will take to ramp-up for comparable bi-lingual projects:

Armenian = 2-4 weeks lead time       Korean = 1-2 weeks lead time
French = 1-2 weeks lead time           Mandarin = 1-2 weeks lead time
German = 1-2 weeks lead time         Portuguese = 1-2 weeks lead time
Italian = 1-2 weeks lead time             Tagalog = 1-2 weeks lead time
Japanese = 1-2 weeks lead time      Most other languages = 2-4 weeks lead time

  • We should be able to provide almost any language, but we will need to address the project details on a case-by-case basis.


General Notes:

·       Need prices merely for reference for client discussions, project budgeting, or for the actual production of calls?

·       Our published price lists are guides generally used for estimating and basically reflect prices for smaller standard jobs.

  • Your final call job pricing will be based on the actual details of your project.
  • Prices for large and/or ongoing live call sets and/or projects are available upon request.
  • Prices for other types of live calls:
    • Quantitative & Qualitative Research
    • Audio Conferencing “Town Hall Meetings”
    • Fundraising & Fulfillment Services
    • will be quoted on an as-needed basis!

Suggestions for requesting pricing and scheduling information:

Some things to consider about live outbound (or inbound) call jobs that will affect the cost and allow us to provide you with accurate timely pricing and scheduling information:


·       What is the database size and time zones?

·       Will any calls be to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or Mexico? Other countries?

·       Who to contact at the household and/or business:

o      Anybody that answers, or a named individual, any adult, etc.

o      Note: To specify anyone other than any member of a household may increase the cost by about 25%, due to waiting time and other factors.

·       Purpose of the call:

o      Deliver a simple message;

o      Persuasion call;

o      Data collection =

§       Merely ID the individual or household,

§       Or conduct a multiple question survey;

o      Fundraising, etc.

·       Plus any other services:

o      Patch-through calls,

o      Lead in calls to an Automated Prerecorded message,

o      Voice recording,

o      Capture email address, etc.,

o      Fulfillment.

·       Script development & length.

o      How many scripts?

o      Will you need assistance?

o      What are the proper pronunciations?

·       Language:

o      Neutral or Regional English dialect?

o      Spanish or other language;

o      Bi-lingual agents?

·       What results are you looking for?

o      List penetration?

o      Completed Survey?

·       Connection & Message delivery options:

o      Live agent to a live respondent only;

o      Live agent to answering devices or

o      Prerecorded message to answering devices.

·       Projected start and end dates,

o      Preferred days of the week,

o      Hours of the day,

o      Anytime or evening, etc.

·       Note: Calls during Peak Call Periods may require additional cost.

·       Do you merely want a quotation or a final contract to review?

·       Is this an inquiry so that you may have info to budget or to present to a client, or, for immediate action?

·       Urgency, if any. How soon do you need the information?


Once we have adequate information, it should only take a few hours, to a day or so, to provide you with the pricing and scheduling information you requested.

For more information please contact us at:

Marketing & Communications Services

Office: 1 (866) 751-8188 (Pacific Time Zone)
Fax: 1 (877) 880-9143 (Toll Free)
Email: info @ mcsphones.com

General Info Web Site: http://www.mcsphones.com
AutoCall Web Site: http://www.mcs.gc1.com

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