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Inbound Automated Messaging &
IVR Data Acquisition Services with Multiple
Question/Answer Survey & Patch-Through (MQ)

This is an example of one of our specialty services – an inbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone service. Perhaps you may find it - by modifying it with your own variations, a useful tool to add to your arsenal. A program like this can be used very effectively to: pre-screen employees; ask recent purchasers of products or services to evaluate their recent experience; ask attendees to evaluate their recent experience; or, in general to just capture large amounts of selective data, by touch tone response or digital voice recording, from participants who are invited to call in.


1. Set up an inbound 800# with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) capabilities for asking multiple questions from invited callers; each question can have multiple answers if need be.

2. When the caller dials in they hear a message thanking them and then asking them to prepare for a multiple question test/survey.

3. They could also be asked to enter a special code, zip code, product code, etc., to give them access to their appropriate set of questions.

4. The results of the calls will be collected, including caller id, date, time and length of call, results of their interactive responses, and emailed to you each morning.

Typical Program Costs are as follows:

  • Set-up Fee: $1,000.00  (Includes system programming, recordings, and database/report set-up.)
  • Usage: $0.15/minute for inbound connect time and any recording time.
  • $50 monthly minimum billing - includes monthly report.
  • Cost of changing the recordings: Free for first five recordings and $150 for each additional occurrence.

Other options/services:

¨We will also be able to do a digital voice recording of the respondent’s answers instead of a touch-tone response, and then periodically email the recordings to you.

If so then: Additional programming: $300 plus a $.075 per voice-file transfer charge. We can also transcribe the recordings at $40 per hour.

  • Multi-level (tiered) sets of questions.
  • Multiple patch-through call transfer options to your inbound 800 number, etc.
  • English and Spanish language, either from the start or accessed through a prompt.
  • Fax-back service.
  • Fax forwarding service - take inputted information from the caller and fax it to a predetermined number, say a pharmacy for a prescription.

Note: All final pricing is dependant upon the scope of the project – amount of data collected, tiered options, subject matter, etc; A typical price for basic services has been provided for your estimates. Prices are subject to change without notice.

For more information please contact us at:

Marketing & Communications Services
Office: 1 (866) 751-8188 (Pacific Time Zone)
Fax: 1 (877) 880-9143 (Toll Free)
info (at) mcsphones.com
General Info Web Site: http://www.mcsphones.com
AutoCall Web Site: http://www.mcs.gc1.com



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