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(This is a sample of a typical proposal for)
Outbound Telemarketing with
Fundraising & Fulfillment Efforts

Client’s Needs

The ‘client’ is currently looking for a marketing partner to assist with educating people about their organization, soliciting new members and fundraising, and to specifically perform the following functions:

  1. Perform outbound telemarketing services, including during the Industry Peak Periods of:          
    1. Last Week of February & 1st Week of March
    2. Mothers' Day - Second Sunday in May
    3. First & Second Weeks of September
    4. Last week of October & 1st Week of November
    5. Thanksgiving Day - 4th Thursday in November
    6. Christmas Day - 25th of December 
  2. Manage fulfillment process, as outlined below: (NOTE: The Marketing & Communications Services - Fundraising Group (FG) recognizes that the success of any fundraising campaign lies within the fulfillment processing on the back-end, after the calling, and proposes to manage the below fulfillment process.)
    1. Credit Card Pledges:
      i.     Gather credit card information on call (account number, type of card, expiration date, name on card, etc.)
      ii.     Verify personal contact information                                                  iii.     Verify pledge amount 
      iv.     Provide report of all credit card information for processing the next business day
    2. Check Pledges:
      i.     Gather pledge information on call                                                    ii.     Verify personal contact information                                                  iii.     Verify pledge amount
      iv.     Provide report of all check pledges received the next business day
      v.     Send first pledge letter within 3 business days of final call
      vi.     Receive Checks at a local PO Box set up for client c/o the FG
      vii.     Batch and record all received checks                                               viii.     Mail checks to client for processing (up to two times per week)
      ix.     Maintain tracking spreadsheet of pledged vs. paid monies
      x.     Send 2nd and 3rd round follow-up letters (15 and 30 days after initial pledge letter) as applicable
      xi.     Initiate follow-up telephone calls, as required or determined necessary, based upon fulfillment rate
    3. Provide client with fulfillment statistics

    3.  Daily productivity reports showing daily and cumulative totals including the following information:
            a. Number of hours 
            b. Number of contacts
            c. Number of pledges (credit card and check) 
            d. Number of fulfillment letters sent 
            e. Total dollars pledged 
            f. Average pledge gift
    4. In addition to returning all pledge information, FG also has the ability to provide contact   information regarding those prospects that have requested information outside the scope of the project and/or to speak directly with someone closely affiliated with client.

    5. A primary goal of the project is to establish a long-term on-going integrated program that continually builds members and provides funding to client.


Based upon project success, there is potential for client and FG to grow into a long-term integrated partnership incorporating the following services:

  • Inbound and/or outbound telemarketing
  • Live and/or automated calling
  • Fulfillment management
  • eMarketing and email campaigns
  • Membership drives
  • Fundraising drives


FG, an integrated sales, marketing and business development firm, offers a wide variety of sales and marketing services including outsource marketing activities, fundraising, membership generation, creative design services, direct mail, and e-marketing. FG works with numerous firms and individuals across the United States and can offer the best solution to our clients’ specific needs.

We understand all of the pieces of an effective marketing campaign, the sales efforts required to capitalize on them and the results needed for profitability. We can deliver all of the requested pieces in the program scope all under one roof, which maximizes campaign and cost effectiveness for client.

FG proposes the following plan to meet the most current needs of clients, including the completion of an outbound fundraising test campaign of up to 200 hours of calling. FG ’s project plan is as follows: 

1)     Project review and set-up: FG will conduct full project planning and set up for the above-mentioned campaign to include the following: training material development, staffing and project launch, system set-up and testing. FG is available for assistance with script development, information packets and marketing materials as needed. For the design and development of marketing material/collateral additional charges may apply. Assistance with script development is included.

2)     Project launch and management: FG will provide qualified and trained personnel to make calls on behalf of client to pre-determined data. All calls will consist of client requested fundraising as based on client’s requirements. Daily staff management, motivation, training and coaching will be provided with assigned/qualified Supervisor. Client will have the authority to monitor telephone presentations with FG.

3)     Reporting and data requirements: Client is to provide all data to FG for calling. Day/shift summary reports will be provided for each day of calling on the test project by FG no later then 12:00 noon CST daily. Client and FG to mutually develop an appropriate format and directions for delivery for daily membership generation from FG to location and/or person(s) of client’s choice no later than noon CST daily. Reporting is a key element to any call campaign. By analyzing the daily reports, FG and clients are able to make adjustments to the campaign in order to achieve the highest level of goal performance.

NOTE: For purposes of project growth of either inbound or outbound teleservices, FG has the ability to overflow to one of our strategic partners contact centers as may be required. This overflow is seamless to client and is managed the same as all in-house resources.


FUNDRAISING GROUP's requirements

The following are required actions by client to complete a successful project launch:

1)     Client must supply FG with appropriate product knowledge for training materials, as well as any approved material for information requests, membership packets, etc., that are to be sent to prospects regarding all offers represented by FG.

2)     Client and FG must agree upon a script and clear membership processing requirements prior to project launch. Client understands that this script will be a template for FG to use, but may change as the project proceeds.

3)     Client and FG to establish project success markers and goals for the project.

4)     Client shall supply FG with valid and complete data including names, addresses, telephone number, unique ID’s and priority codes to be included in the program.

5)     Client to provide FG with any required information for the set up of a post office mail box under the name of both, if determined that FG will manage fulfillment.

6)     Client to provide FG with an initial supply of Letterhead, #10 Carrier window and #9 return envelopes (quantities to be determined), and replenished as requested. (Return envelopes to be addressed to FG if managing the fulfillment process.)



The following next steps are required in order to proceed with the above proposal:

1)     Client to review and approve FG ’s sales generation proposal.

2)     Discuss any necessary changes to the objectives and proposed approach. Further modifications to the plan can be made at any time.

3)     Finalize contract and fax signed pricing page to [ 877-880-9143 ]. Send required initial payments.

4)     Start the project. FG is ready and able to begin the project, pending finalization of all project materials (script, data, reporting requirements, etc.), based upon final project scope, within 7-10 days of contract signing.

5)     FG will hold a project kick-off meeting and provide complete FG team contact information, project plans and detailed timeline to client for review and discussion at this time.


Typical Pricing

Date:      January 1, 2007 From:     FG       To:       Client

Pricing is effective through December 31, 2007. Any changes to the scope of the project as outlined in the attached proposal may change the pricing.




Project Management/ Set-Up

Per Project


MSR Training and Material Development

Per Hour


Outbound Membership Generation Test

Up to 200-Hour Test

$        6,000.00*



$        6,000.00

Fulfillment Process (Optional)

  • Includes first-class postage
  • 3-round letter cycle
  • Check batching, tracking and reporting

Per Piece

$               1.00

*As requested, FG can provide pricing for any marketing mailers, advertising design/ development and/or inbound sales agents in addition to the above pricing for the outbound fundraising and membership generation test.


Payment Terms: This project requires 100% pre-payment of the 200-hour membership generation test of $6000.00. Beyond the 2000-hour test, FG will invoice weekly for fulfillment as reported daily in FG standard daily production due net 10-days. Late or incomplete payment may result in temporary or permanent termination of the project.  Length of contract is for no more then a 4-week window. At the end of the test period, FG and client will review project goals and forecast against actual performance and volume to evaluate long-term rollout potential and finalize a pricing model.

Termination: Either party may terminate this agreement with written, 30-day notice. Termination of the contract will NOT result in any payments being refunded or a waiver of the total project amount of $6000.00 if terminated by client. 

By signing this document, client agrees that they have read, and agree to the scope as outlined above. Said scope and contract terms shall be deemed the Terms of Agreement as written herein.

NOTE: without a prior commitment, prices are subject to change without notice. 

For more information please contact us at:

Marketing & Communications Services
Office: 1 (866) 751-8188 (Pacific Time Zone)
Fax: 1 (877) 880-9143 (Toll Free)
Email: info @ mcsphones.com
General Info Web Site:
AutoCall Web Site: http://www.mcs.gc1.com

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