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Non-Profit & Political Fundraising

Notes on testing the feasibility of a financially self-sustaining
 integrated outbound live call fundraising and fulfillment program.

This one is organized to systematically develop a reusable donor and volunteer database, educate people about the organization, recruit new members, and to maximize the ID'ing of the database.

It is a scrubbed copy of a typical proposal for larger live outbound fundraising call projects that are normally used for non-profit groups and political organizations. 
It covers most of the items that would be necessary to run a successful test project, especially where current donor lists and past collection statistics are not available.

A long-range program is the ultimate goal of the process, as the best results are from long-range fundraising programs, with the pledges from confirmed donors being larger and less costly to bring to fruition, volunteers easier to marshal, etc.

A test or demonstration utilizing your criteria can be arranged at your convenience.

Our expertise is exceptionally good with existing donor databases and our agents have good conversational skills.

The average donation collection rate range from existing donor databases is about $25 to $45.

We have also been quite successful at collections from new donors if the database is reasonably matched to the agency.

These are some standard fundraising numbers: 

Outbound Agent Expectations:

1.      Return Rate (DPH paid) New Prospecting:  25% 35 % or higher; Avg. 28%
2.      Sales Per Hour New Prospecting:  2 4 SPH or higher; Avg. 3 SPH
3.      Dollars Per Hour Sold New Prospecting:  $45 $70 DPH or higher; Avg. $55
Verification (Same Day) Call Back Expectations:
1. Call back 75% of all customers to confirm commitment daily
*  All mailings go out even if not all verified every day...
Collections Call Back Expectations:
1.  Conduct 20-day, 40-day & 60-day call backs of delinquent accounts
2.  Complete all calling list within 5 business days
3.  Attain 100% address confirmation and gain commitment from customer
4.  Above 14% collections percent

You will also need to decide how you want to compensate the call center (per hour, percentage of pledges, on fulfillment).

Some of our call center's previous non-profit clients:

Habitat for Humanity
March of Dimes
Fire Fighters Fund, Inc.
Highway Policemen's Fund, Inc.
Police Officers Fund, Inc.
Fire Rescue Fund, Inc.
Sheriff's Support Fund, Inc.
State Troopers Fund, Inc.
Homeless Children's Fund, Inc.

We're registered for fundraising in all 50 states!

Click on the link below for details of these services.

Reinforcing Fundraising Mailings

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