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  Services + Email Updates Foreign Language Services (F)

Bi-lingual, live operator, outbound or inbound, call service
messaging, data collection, patch-through and live lead-in calls.

 Whereby the agents/interviewers are speaking English and/or a foreign language. 

Given enough time we can also set up for customer service, fulfillment, order processing, up-selling, cross-selling, etc.  

The operation can be set-up to open the conversation in English or the required foreign language, using either bi-lingual interviewers, switching from an English speaking interviewer to a foreign language interviewer, or vice-versa. 

We can normally provide interviewers with Neutral or a Regional USA English Dialect, or Hispanic in a day or so.  

Asia-Pacific, European, and many other languages are available in from one to 4 weeks. 

Here is a listing of some languages that our call centers have done in the recent past and approximately how long it took to recruit for the projects: 

  • Armenian = 2-4 weeks lead time
  • French = 1-2 weeks lead time
  • German = 1-2 weeks lead time
  • Italian = 1-2 weeks lead time
  • Japanese = 1-2 weeks lead time
  • Korean = 1-2 weeks lead time
  • Mandarin = 1-2 weeks lead time
  • Portuguese = 1-2 weeks lead time
  • Tagalog = 1-2 weeks lead time
  • Most other languages = 2-4 weeks lead time

 We should be able to provide almost any language, but we will need to address the projects on a case-by-case basis. 

If you have an ongoing project it will be a bit easier to assemble and maintain a cadre of interviewers.

Costs for foreign language programs will vary and be largely based on conditions at the time of recruitment. 

A test or demonstration utilizing your criteria can be arranged at your convenience.

For more information please contact us at:

Marketing & Communications Services
Office: 1 (866) 751-8188 (Pacific Time Zone)
Fax: 1 (877) 880-9143 (Toll Free)
Email: info @ mcsphones.com
General Info Web Site:
AutoCall Web Site: http://www.mcs.gc1.com

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