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Audio, Web & Event Conferencing

  • A Fully Secure Web Based State-of-the-Art Live Mass-Teleconferencing System.
  • A cutting edge program that allows you to totally manage and control all aspects of a live telephone conference program, at very reasonable cost. 
  • It is a comprehensive, very easy to learn and use, operator-friendly web accessed system

Why conferencing?

Comprehensive proactive delivery and response solutions for business, government, non-profit and political groups worldwide.

 Here are just a few featurs and advantages:

 1. Participant Monitoring/Control. Allows the user to view, codify, and monitor callers to help clients better prepare for and manage their teleconference meetings.

 2. Private Screening. Allows the facilitator to conduct a private conversation with a participant to screen their question, allowing the speaker to view the queued participantís name and question before selecting them to participate.

 3. Live Q&A. Staff, Shareholders, and Constituents can participate in a live group discussion with the Host (presenter, elected official, candidate, etc.) with a simple push of a button. Employees can ask questions about a new product launch, Disseminating information company-wide from one delivery point.

 4. Digital Recording. Shortly after the conference is completed, the user can receive a digital file of the entire session. The user can quickly pull sound bytes or other summary information from the file and instantly post it on the web, send as a mass email communication, or release it to the media.

5. Real-time Reporting. Our web-based platform can deliver clients the detailed information they need, when they need it. Imagine being able to send out a personalized post-conference follow-up communique based on actual participation!

 6. Technical Assistance. Our highly qualified and well trained customer service representatives are there to assist the host group all the way.

 7. Real-Time Polling. Host can pose questions to all the listeners and have them respond by touching the appropriate touch tone key pad on their phone, or record the verbal responses.

Launch your next town hall or business meeting into the 21st century!

Put the power of conferencing to work for your organization!

Typical uses:

Virtual town hall meetings
Live, interactive Q&A sessions
Multi-site employee work sessions
Investor relations meetings

Basics of Audio & Web Conferencing

Audio Conferencing

Web Conferencing

Web Surveys, Polls, Quizzes

Event Conferencing


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